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CSU Upper-Division GE Requirements

Students admitted to the program are required to complete the CSU Upper-Division GE courses in residence at CSUSM.  These courses are considered part of the ABSN program and will be scheduled through Extended Learning for the first semester of your scheduled cohort.  Each cohort will begin the ABSN program by taking the required upper-division courses listed below.  For additional information, please consult with the Extended Learning academic advisor.

Area CSUSM Course CSUSM Course Title Units

Corequisites (C)
Prerequisites (P) 

BB BIOL 323  The Physiology of Nutrition & Disease  None 
CC PHIL 345 Bioethics and Medical Ethics 3 None
DD  ANTH 301 Culture & Medicine Healers & Healing Practices 3 None

*These courses will be offered in Spring 2010 and will be completed with the cohort.