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Inclusive Sustainability

At CSUSM, Inclusive Sustainability is a transformational framework that connects the work of the Office of Inclusive Excellence and the Sustainability program.

Inclusive Sustainability is:

  • Placing student/academic success at the center
  • Holistic wellness for our entire campus community (intellectual, environmental, physical, spiritual, social, emotional, financial, occupational)
  • Safeguarding environmentally sound practices
  • Ensuring socially just communities 
  • Identifying inequities for current and future generations
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Inclusive Sustainability is a collaborative effort between CSUSM Inclusive Excellence and Sustainability:

Inclusive Excellence:

At CSU, IE seeks to achieve success for all students through a quality education matched with opportunity.


The collective actions and efforts that create: a vibrant economy and a high quality of life, socially just communities and environmentally sound practices to ultimately meet the needs of current and future generations.


Points of Pride:

2019 CSUSM President's Student Champion Award for Inclusive Excellence and Diversity:


President's Award PhotoAward Recipient Megan Hammerschmidt with CSUSM President Neufeldt


2019 CHESC Best Practice Award for Social Equity and Justice:

Chesc Award PhotoAriel Stevenson and Juliana Goodlaw-Morris representing CSUSM OIE and Sustainability Program

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