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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month winners are nominated by professional staff at the University Student Union for their exemplary service and voted on by a committee composed of Student Building Leads on a monthly basis.


eom Aide

In her two years of being a part of the USU team, Aide has demonstrated what an exceptional worker she is. She goes above and beyond what her job entails, and always does so with a smile on her face. Her dedication, initiative, willingness to learn and teach her peers exemplify the values looked for in a USU employee. Aide has been a great asset to our team and her USU family is definitely going to miss her as she graduates this year. Congrats, Aide!



As a part of our USU Live team, Mikayla embodies the high qualities and ideals that are looked for in USU employees. Her uplifting personality makes her one of the most extraordinary leaders that aim to help the students of CSUSM have a much more fulfilling college experience. Mikayla continues to help make the USU a place where many students find the tranquility of college life. Thank you Mikayla for all your hard work and all that you continue to do for the USU. Congratulations and keep up the great work!



Dean is a true team player and imaginative engineer within the USU/REC Marketing team. His ideas help foster positive team moral and position both the USU and REC to be creative leaders throughout the entire CSUSM campus, especially in terms of video production. Dean's PAWSitive attitude makes him admirable among his peers and a role model to follow. Thank you Dean, keep up the great work! 

Magnus (February)

Employee of the Month - Magnus

As one of the members in the USU team Magnus time and time again demonstrates what an exceptional worker he is. Whether it's assisting students in the Activity Center or contributing to the building's upkeep as an Operations/ Logistics Assistant, Magnus uses his amiable and proactive qualities to continue making the USU a place where all students want to hang out! He is a talented and great member of our team. We can all count on him to complete any task efficiently and with a positive attitude. Good job Magnus!

Alex (January)

Alex Employee of the Month

As a part of USU Live Alex exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond. He is always willing to lend a helping hand whether he is wearing the hat of USU Live or a member of our Info Desk team. Alex is never without a smile and continuously displays a positive attitude even in the busiest of times. Keep up the amazing work Alex! It is a pleasure to have you on the USU student employee team!

Corryn (November)

corryn employee of the month

As a new member of our Info Desk team, Corryn has gone above and beyond as an excellent representation of a USU employee.  She puts the utmost work into her job by performing every task with maximum efficiency and does anything she can to help her teammates out. By continuously showing a positive attitude, she without a doubt deserves this recognition. Keep up the great work Corryn!

Jonathan (October)

Employee of the month Jonathan

As a part of our AV/IT team Jonathan has exemplified what it means to go above and beyond not only for a client, but for his fellow employees and other students as well. Continuously exhibiting his positivity and skills in tight situations while on the job, he shows what it means to be a great USU employee. We appreciate all that you do; keep up the great work, Jonathan! 

Derrick (September)

Employee of the month Denise

As the first USU student employee that has been awarded Employee of the Month twice, Derrick continuously exemplifies all the traits a star employee has. He can always be seen taking initiative and tackling any task with a smile on his face. His positivity and dedication are indicative of the core values looked for in a USU employee. He has earned this accomplishment! We are very lucky to have Derrick on our team. Keep up the good work Derrick!