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Core Values

  • Professionalism is a unifying principle of our organization.
    Continuous improvement is essential to our roles as life-long learners.
    Collaboration is valued in all aspects of the School's work.
    Professionalism is demonstrated by our service to the school, the University, and the communities.
    Respect for the contributions of all members of the school is vital.
    Effective teaching is everyone's role and is central to our endeavors.
    Reflection and/or research to solve problems is an integral part of our professional responsibility.

  • Students are the focus of our work.
    We model effective teaching.
    Through our students, research, collaboration and service, we strengthen education in the communities we serve.

  • Shared Governance provides a foundation for the work of the school and is dependent upon the active involvement of each member.
    The school continuously expands its use of shared governance.
    Contributions of each member are valued.
    Effective communication is critical to the process and is every member's responsibility. 

  • The success of the school depends on creating and sustaining an inclusive environment that reflects and affirms diversity.
    A diverse faculty, staff, and student body are vital to serve the community.
    All members of the school are committed to serve a diverse population.
    The responsibility for affirming diversity rests with everyone.