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Courses within Literacy Education prepare teachers to assist other teachers and administrators in creating literacy programs that promote not only the learning of reading and writing, but also the learning of subject matter across the curriculum. Candidates may earn a Reading and Literacy Added Authorization, a Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential, or use courses within this area to satisfy the 21-unit course electives required for the M.A. Literacy Education Option. 

The RLAA and RLLSC Programs provide advanced preparation in reading/language arts assessment and instruction, clinical and field experience, as well as a strong foundation in theory and research in the teaching of reading and writing in the preK-12 educational system. Coursework prepares candidates to work within diverse settings and to maximize learning for diverse student populations. In this way candidates will be prepared for many different assignments, including preventing reading difficulties as early as possible, working with struggling readers, and helping English learners attain success in the development of their literacy strategies.  Students may also use these courses in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts in Reading, Language, and Literacy.

Candidates seeking the RLAA and/or RLLS must hold a valid teaching credential and have 3 years of teaching experience by the end of the program before they are recommended for the RLAA and/or RLLS credentials. The California 2042 teaching credential includes the authorization to teach English learners. Candidates who do not possess a valid California 2042 credential will meet the English Learner Authorization requirements through the coursework of the RLAA.

Candidates who do not hold a valid California 2041 teaching credential must submit the equivalent of the Basic Skills Requirement from the state in which they are credentialed/licensed.

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Student Learning Outcomes for Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential

The student learning outcomes for the Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential are defined by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential authorizes the holder to provide the following services as a reading specialist in any grade level K-12, or in classes organized for adults:

  • Assist and support the classroom teacher in reading instruction and teaching strategies.
  • Select and adapt reading instruction materials; plan and conduct reading staff development.
  • Assess student progress and monitor student achievement in reading.
  • Provide direct reading intervention work with students.
  • Develop and coordinate reading programs at the school, district, or county level.

Student Learning Outcomes for Master of Arts in Education

Students will:

  • Meet California Commission on Teacher Credentialing English Learner competencies, if not already met through a basic credential program.
  • Create a Social Justice Action Plan 
  • Be effective consumers of educational research
  • Develop and apply research skills to address practice within the candidate‚Äôs teaching setting.
  • Meet additional individually-designed program outcomes that address their professional goals.