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Financial Aid

If your student is depending on financial aid to cover their housing cost, your student will need to complete the Housing Installment Extension Form (Fall 2019 form will be available in Spring 2019).

This will extend the payment deadline for their first and fifth installments. This does not waive late fees, however, it will prevent a hold being placed on their MyCSUSM account.

How does financial aid work with housing?

When financial aid is dispersed to the student, the funds will first cover any outstanding amount for tuition and fees. If there is a leftover amount, that amount will be sent directly to the student via direct deposit or a physical check (whichever means the student has set up with the financial aid office). When the student receives their funds, then they can make their payment directly to Housing. Payments can be made in their Resident Portal or sent via check or money order to the office.

It is recommended to look to see how much money the student is receiving. If it's not enough to cover both tuition and Housing, please plan ahead to cover Housing costs out-of-pocket.

Financial aid is dispersed once per semester (twice per academic year). Please prioritize the allocation of the funds. For an example, (1st) tuition and fees (2nd) Housing. Any remaining amount can then be used for books and supplies.