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Summer Residents


Staying on campus over the summer is perfect way to stay connected, stay focused, and thrive in your summer class, internship, or job. Summer housing accommodations are available at The QUAD from June 1 - July 31. Students who currently live at CSUSM Housing may make arrangements with the licensing team to move-in earlier. Students who will live at CSUSM in the Fall after the Summer may make arrangements with the licensing team to move-in to their Fall assignment immediately after the Summer license agreement expires. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for Summer Housing?

    If you've never lived on-campus before, submit an application here. Make sure you select "Summer of 2020" under "Expected Move In."

    If you are a current resident, please submit this form to indicate your interest in Summer housing.

  • How much does Summer Housing cost?

    The cost for Summer Housing is $2,992 for Summer 2020. This may be paid all at once (due by May 1, 2020,) or in two installments, due on the first of May and June, 2020.
  • When can I move in? When is move-out?

    Summer Housing is available from June 1-July 31, 2020.
  • What if I need to move in early or stay late?

    Please contact our office directly if you need Summer housing earlier or later than stated; please be aware that this may not be an option. If we are able to adjust the dates of your Summer License, this will incur additional charges.
  • Do I have to move out between Spring and Summer?

    Students who are Spring 2020 residents may be able to stay in their Spring space until their Summer space is ready. We will contact you with more information after we receive your application.
  • What floor plans are available?

    Due to space constraints, students are not able to request a specific floorplan for Summer housing. We will communicate with students about their placement once their Summer License Agreement has been signed.

If you have further inquires contact us today!