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How to Apply

Peer Advisor 

The Peer Advisor application will be available on Handshake (CSUSM's student job portal) until February 28.

Application Process:

  1. Make sure you meet the Peer Advisor Position Qualifications
  2. Submit the following through Handshake: 

Qualified applicants will be invited to interview the week of
March 9-13

  • Phase I: Group Interview. Applicants who pass Group Interview will be asked to return for Individual Interview
  • Phase II: Individual Interview and Presentation  

Presentation Criteria (Phase II):

A presentation is required during Phase II of the interview process. You must facilitate a presentation on one of the following campus policies:

  • Academic Probation and Disqualification  
  • Course repeat policy  
  • Components of Graduation Requirements   
  • How to use the Academic Requirements Report (ARR)  
  • How to use Degree Planner   
  • Withdrawal policy  

After defining the policy, follow up with how you see yourself implementing and sharing this information with fellow students in the Peer Advisor role. What is your communication style? What would be important to relay so the student feels informed and understood?  

Information on campus policies can be found in the University Catalog. The presentation must be 5-10 minutes.        

You are welcome to use the Career Center services to help build your resume.

If you have questions or issues in submitting your application on Handshake, please contact Priscilla Arciniega at 760-750-4061.

Would you like to speak with a current Peer Advisor about the position?
Feel free to call the Advising office, 760-750-4027, or email, to schedule an Informational Interview.


"Becoming a peer advisor has given me a variety of incredible professional tools. I am able to provide students with answers to their questions and help guide their academic plan. I am able to make a difference in the new student experience with outreach programs. I also created great new relationships with my fellow peer advisors, faculty, and staff."  

–Kaylee Crivello