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Knowing Yourself

Start with a good assessment of who you are. This includes exploring your interests, values, skills, goals, and personality. There are many tools you can use to help with this process, such as TypeFocus, Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI, and StrengthsQuest.

The CSUSM Career Center offers a variety of assessments and career counseling appointments that will take you deeper into these areas of personal assessment. They will help match you with careers that fit your interests. This can help you narrow down your choices for a major. 

If you are a first year student, we highly reccomend you take GEL 101: The Student, The University and The Community. GEL 101 is a course designed specifically for first year students to help you with your transition to college. Special sections are designed specifically for undeclared students to further explore your self-assessments and job options. 

Use the following chart to begin exploring your interests, values and skills:

What are my INTERESTS?

What are my VALUES?

What SKILLS do I have?

Working with children Family Speaking
Being outdoors Adventure Working with people
Reading books Knowledge Leading
Programming computers Security Creating
Meeting people Power Lab skills
Building things Personal Consistency Athletically inclined
Analyzing systems Money or Wealth Artistic
Teaching others Beauty or Aesthetics Entertaining
Scientific research Recognition Detail oriented
Creating Leisure Organized
Helping others Independence Outgoing
Selling things Friendship Writing
Playing sports Helping others Self-motivated
Traveling Creativity Programming
Raising money Variety Inventing
Talking about politics Advancement Managing people
Managing Authority Team building
Using a microscope Personal development Designing
Socializing Physical activity Investigating
Planning events Stability Outdorrs oriented
Giving advice Presitige Teaching
Studying finances Social interaction Budgeting
Other interests? Other values? Other skills?

Advisor Tip:

Get input from your family, friends, teachers, employers, and mentors. Ask them what they think you would be good at! Use all this information as you research career fields.